Beef tsrtare 30 PLN

Shrimps with butter, white wine and persley 45 PLN

Bruschetta- tosted bread with tomatoes, garlic, basil and parmesan cheese  16 PLN

 Carpaccio  of beef tenderloin with celery and french mustard salad  with capers, dried tomatoes, green salad and truffle oil  33PLN

Board of local cheeses     37 PLN


Tomato carem  14 PLN

Polish broth with dumplings  13 PLN

Main dishes

Pork Chop with bcked potato and tzatziki sauce and lettuce   39 PLN

Chicken breast stuffed with spinach, roasted pepper with saffron risotto 38 PLN

Roasted cod loin on fennel salad with mussels and potatoes chips  45 PLN

Rack of lamb on cauliflower puree served with blanched courgette  70 PLN

                Carp fillet on horseradish puree with stewed leek in cream 38 PLN


Salad with grilled pear and goat cheese   29 PLN

Salad with local greek cheese  29 PLN



 Pasta  frutti di Mare  32 PLN

Dumplings made of mashed potatoes with chanterelle mushroom, rucola    28 PLN

and parmezan cheese

Tagliatelle with homemade basil and parsley pesto 25 PLN


Apple pie  12 PLN

Warm apple pie with whipped  cream and scoop of ice cream  18 PLN

Cheesecake with fruit mouse  12 PLN

 Cream cake  12 PLN

Creme brulee  15 PLN

 Fruits jelly  11 PLN